A Football Vettex Double Lip Mouth Guard $8.08 or $6.54 Wholesale FREE SHIPPING.

VETTEX Double Mouthguard FREE SHIPPING with Strap and Lip Protection Guard V25 STYLE.

Features include Free Shipping + exclusive patented breathing channel, one piece design and adjustable strap.

Amazing Vettex™ Website | Save Up To 96% on Each Vettex $6.54 in 12-Pks Wholesale..

Each Vettex™ comes with a Manufacturers Dental Warranty by Markwort sports in Mo who owns the Vettex™ and the trademark in USA.


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Amazing Vettex™ Mouth Guards Color / Style Chart.

$8.08 ea / FREE SHIPPING.

20 ColorS
Or better yet...
Buy in dozens and really save on each one- "UP 2 YOU NOW".
BUY IN DOZENS & SAVE 96 % OFF Each by Dz. Comes in Youth or Adult Sizes!
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 $6.54 Ea x 12=a DZ.

free shipping ON every DZ.

Vettex™ Double Lip Mouth Guards!
Sold Per Color By Dozen & COMES IN 2 SIZES!
20 ColorS
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