Vettex Double Lip Mouthguards with 23 Colors in two sizes Youth/Adult!

Save 74% Off on both products with Free Shipping $8.89 or $6.18 buying 12 packs per color.

The primary purpose of any mouth guard is to lessen the chance of a concussion caused by force  transmitted

through the teeth and jawbone. It is a secondary benefit that a mouth guard will help protect the teeth from breakage.

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Each Vettex comes with a Manufacturers Dental Warranty by Markwort sports in Mo who owns the Vettex and the trademark in USA.

23-Colors in two sizes Youth or Adult / Original Price: $16.99 Ea

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VETTEX sold each per size & color Youth or Adult!


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After the 1st Vettex of a Color size is added to the shopping cart, all other Vettex of same team size added ships free. So ordering more of Vettex means, 1st Vettex has a charge of .99 cents & say you add 1 Youth then you added 30 more Youth of the same color size the shipping stays the same as it only changes per color size picked. 

The more you order per size is best.

Youth or Adult


 with a strap.

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NOW $5.76



Or Just $6.18 when buying 12 packs!


$6.18 Same Color 12 PACKS or Mix Colors dozens with Free Shipping per size!

Youth or Adult


 with a strap.

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